About n4tsuyu


hi everyone, this project started when i realized that non chinese readers could not read chinese yuri manhua and most people thought chinese yuri manhua were almost non existent.

in my first year, i brought a few more new titles for everyone, many of them have now been licensed by webcomics and now are available to the mass public in english. i have also created my own compilation of some yuri manhua that i know of, including the links to their translations.

in the near future, you will see more links to non chinese yuri works on this site, as well as information on novels and animes. I hope this project will be effective in serving as a resource site for anyone who wants to find yuri media conveniently.

you will also find links to my current and future translations on this site.

The following will be launched in order:

  • chinese manhua (First release done, 2nd update, 3rd update done +broken image links done!)

  • korean manhwa (First Release Done!, 2nd update done!)

  • other webtoons (first release done, 2nd update + broken image links done!)

  • japanese manga(WIP! starts 6 may)

  • Animes

  • chinese audio drama

  • chinese novels

  • other novels

  • games

My reviews and other yuri information will be found in the blog and i will try to update regularly.

I will continue to work on this site regularly till it is complete, so do expect it to be in a mess currently as I update. If you are interested in funding this project, please head over to my patreon account here.

join me at discord here.

I have a facebook page now called “N4tsuyu's yuri paradise 夏瑜的百合天堂”

@n4tsuyu. Follow me !

Thanks a million for being part of this project.