Chinese Yuri Novels (WIP)

Chinese yuri novels are widely available online and mostly remain untranslated. The stories are widely told in the modern era (现代) and in the period era (古代) context. Stories with main characters travelling to and fro both eras (穿越) are quite common too. In most stories, most female characters are in cis - women. However, there are also stories removing around an alternative gender system (OMEGAVERSE), where women are further sub divided into sub genders called, ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Omega’.

The list below is not an exhaustive list of yuri novels, but just a list of novels that have been translated and or the ones that i have read. Do expect that most of these will be untranslated. If a title has been translated, you will be able to find the link to the translation in the information below.

Finally, some of these titles have audio drama editions to either give a summary to the novel (or is the entire novel). Their availability will be indicated in the information below. For readers who are able to understand mandarin, you will find these audio dramas a joy to listen to, if you find reading novels a chore.

I hope you enjoy the resources that I have linked below.

交换影后 (After Exchanging Shadows)

交换影后 (After Exchanging Shadows)

Title: 交换影后 (After Exchanging Shadows)

Author: 君sola

Status: Ongoing (106 chapters till date)

Novel Versions: Chinese| English

Audio Drama: Not available

Tags: #原创, #百合, #近代现代, #爱情



Title: 花花与四娘

Author: 废死_faith

Status: Completed (113 chapters)

Novel Versions: Chinese| English

Audio Drama: Available

Tags: #原创, #百合, #古色古香, #爱情