How to charge coins on Peanutoon using Book Certificate (NO TEMPORARY REGISTRATION NEEDED!)

This is another tutorial to help non korean readers to get their credits to buy manhwa. This is written by @IczerSigma and I thank her for allowing me to repost it here. I hope this helps everyone to get their credits from Peanutoon ( Seems like they have a fair bit of yuri manhwa there!).

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This method work on PC. Buy a Book & Life voucher from

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You will receive an e-mail from Sales-Moon, basically instantly, with the voucher code and Pin, at the same mail address you used for the payment.

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Now go to your Peanutoon account and select Coin Charging

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Select the amount of peanuts you want to buy, select the Book Certificate as payment method and then the blu button to continue. If it's your first purchase you will see a little box to flag. Flag it and continue.

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Check the agreement box and click the red button

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Choose the second option (the book certificate), and another panel will appear (see below)

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Select the second option (1) and you will see the fields to enter the voucher code you received from Sales-Moon and the PIN. When you click on the PIN a virtual keyboard will appear. Write the PIN with the virtual keyboard, and click the grey button. The total amount of the voucher will be showed. Then click the red button.

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Enter the e.mail you used to purchase the voucher on Sales-Moon and click the red button

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It's done but an advertising page will appear. Close it by clicking at the little white "X" in the corner of the page

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Now it's really done! Super fast, uh? :D If you need assistance contact me on Twitter: @IczerSigma ENJOY!

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