How to reward authors on 腾讯动漫 APP when the manhua title is free to read. (IOS Edition)

If you have no idea which APP i am referring to, i have posted a screenshot of it here.

Screenshot_20180808-094829 - Copy.jpg
  1. If you were to enter to click on “我的“ tab on the bottom right corner, it will bring you to this page.


2. The “my account” tab will bring you to the screen below.

IMG_5210 (1).jpg

3. Click on “purchase monthly tickets” will bring you to the next screen. You can select the amount of money you want to spend, and then click “confirm recharge” at the bottom of the screen.


4. The prompt appear as shown below. Click purchase to make the purchase.


5. The prompt below shows that the purchase is successful.


6. The number of tickets have been updated as shown below.


7. In this example, I have selected “Love Data”.


8. Clicking on it shows this.


9. Click on Details and then click contribute monthly tickets.


10. When you get to this page, you will see the options to select the number of tickets you can contribute, and how much money the author gets from the monthly ticket.


11. Select the amount you wish to contribute.


12. Prompt to acknowledge that you have contribute X tickets.


13. This shows the increase in earning after you have contributed.

InkedIMG_5222 (1)_LI.jpg

This concludes the tutorial. I will show how to buy credits next time if there is a demand for it. The steps above can be applied to other titles on the app as well.