[Announcement]: “Lily” will no longer be updated

Image belongs to the folks at @lily军机处.

Image belongs to the folks at @lily军机处.

[Announcement]: “Lily” will no longer be updated

Lily Grand Council Published on 2019-02-28 02:39:44

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The status of “Lily” can no longer be considered as “intermittent updating”, but closed to “no longer updating”, so readers do not have to push for updates anymore.

As for when the updates will resume, the PIKAPI team is not sure too, hence we are unable to give an estimate. Everyone can go to Baidu and make a search to find out the reason, so I will talk not about it here. Ha~

 For readers who have no longer any manhua to read, please be reminded to be cautious with topping up the bug credits. Maybe on some special occasion the team may update “Lily”, but it will not be a full chapter. For readers who wait for updates painfully every day, maybe you can check for new chapters less frequently!

I will explain the following over here. “Lily “and “Lala” are original manhuas. Even though we do not like the platform, we still hope that everyone can read in a manner where they support the original work. Afterall, what caused the lop-sided development of the current manhua market is the “over sharing of resources” approach and “reading for free is the right way” view point. Of course, there are reasons why the platform has run into issues, but the root cause is due to catering to this unhealthy practice born out of the overall situation. The platform and manhua are the sacrifices in the overall situation. Therefore, I am advocating everyone to use the correct method to support manhua, to treat the problem this market has from its roots!

Just a friendly advice, considering the current online environment, Yuri content can be removed easily, hence we should have a habit of backing them up as we read. For those who do not like to store them in the APP, but prefer to download them directly after reading, find a way to store the manhua in the hard disk, and back up on removable hard disk, Usb storage or cloud storage. If you have bought the originals and do not share them Indiscriminately, I personally recommend this mode of storage.

Finally, thank you everyone for supporting “Lily” and “Lala”, as well as the support from the PIKAPI team and Kami Y*! I believe we will meet each other again in our next work soon!! And hope that “Lily” will return ASAP!!

Thanks everyone! (❁´ω`❁) Although the Grand Council cannot represent the officials, but we can still help the officials to convey their intentions to everyone!!

 Note: * this is the translated name used by webcomic


Translated by n4tsuyu 07 March 2019

Original Post can be found here: https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404344499181602830

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